About Us

Our engineer Carter Konz is a musician, audio-geek, and software developer. He recieved a degree in Computer Science from Loyola University Chicago in 2017, where he had the opportunity to practice audio engineering in conjunction with formal Computer Science training. A strong background with computers and technology provides him a unique, workflow-driven, audio engineering skill set. In addition to a creative and musical ear, Carter's technical training has enabled him to develop a reliable, streamlined engineering workflow that eliminates technical issues so that your music can come first.

Originally from Minneapolis, MN– Carter has had the opportunity to work with a variety of artists in the Chicago and Minneapolis music communities. From folk to hip-hop and R&B, he has honed his skills, not within a specific genre, but in artist communication and collaboration. Our aim at Nº Shore is to work with the individual artist to understand their sonic vision and get it out of their heads and onto the record. We do this by providing a confortable environment and developing a strong relationship with each artist to establish trust in the recording and mixing process, ensuring effective communication and true collaboration.

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